Our Services

At Cork Lifeguard Academy we currently provide professional training and revalidation in CPR & AED,
and both Beach & Pool Lifeguard qualifications.

Beach Lifeguard

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Pool Lifeguard

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Lifeguard Revalidation

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"We're very lucky to have spent a day in Cork and I partnered up with Graham Kerr, who runs the Cork Lifeguard Academy and if it wasn't for him it wouldn't have happened... I look forward to working with him into next year as a partnership... Graham Kerr got me over here. He just released his new business called Cork Lifeguard Academy and ideally, everyone in Cork should get behind him... Beach and Pool Lifeguard and water safety courses. He's a champion guy and I can't wait to get back to Cork again."

Trent "Lifeguard Maxi" Maxwell
(full clip of interview)

Our Philosophy

"Lifeguards training Lifeguards"

Graham Kerr, Director


This approach to water safety education is a foundational block of what we do at Cork Lifeguard Academy (CLA). By training with Lifeguards, our trainees learn from their hard-earned knowledge and skills. This helps us to train a higher standard of Lifesavers & Lifeguards for our communities and applicants for Beach Lifeguard Services.

Our graduates are coached by the best of the best mentors in Cork County, with a combined experience of 24+ Beach Lifeguard seasons. Through this, trainees gain invaluable insight into the industry and learn from real-life experience.

Christine, Róisín, and Graham first met through water safety classes. Where they trained and volunteered together at the Water Safety Ireland (WSI) Training Centre in Gus Healy Swimming Pool. Since then, they have worked together for many seasons on the Cork County Council Beach Guard Service across the county.

To employ Lifeguards has been a long term goal of Graham. He strongly believes that such expertise and passion should be rewarded and promoted. CLA is proud to be able to do so.
Pictured from left to right are Christine, WSI Instructor and 
past Senior Beachguard; Róisín, WSI Instructor & Pool Tutor 
and past WSDO Assistant; and Graham, CLA Director, WSI Tutor 
& Examiner and past WSDO Assistant.